Our Story

WTF is Psycho Sisters?

The answer to all of your wardrobe needs lies behind the galactic, double doors of Psycho Sisters.

Going to a 70’s Party? Masquerade Ball? Ugly Christmas Sweater Party? Burning Man? Alchemy? Part of an 80’s Rock Coverband?

Founded in the early 90’s by Angela McLean, Psycho Sisters has been a Little 5 Points favorite for over 20 years. Psycho Sisters has kept pace with and danced along ahead of the times, setting trends with an ever-evolving sense of style. A team of dedicated-buyers travel locally and internationally to handpick the best items for our customers. You cannot find a more eccentric store in all of Atlanta.

You will find a little bit of everything packed in this 9,000 square foot hole-in-the-wall-style shop. Downstairs is a playground of men’s and women’s clothing. All sizes, all styles. We have sequin ball gowns, prom dresses and cocktail gowns. We have a hidden mens disco room to get you in the groove. Upstairs is organized by decade and also includes our extensive fur collection, lingerie and corsets.

And why stop with just the clothes? Psycho Sisters is notorious for being a one-stop-shop.  Got your outfit? Now find your earrings, necklace, shoes, and wig if you so desire. And before you leave, don’t forget to peruse our $10 Sunglasses!

Looking for something particular? Bring it to the attention of Psycho Sisters staff. Most likely the treasure you seek is hiding in plain sight!